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2010-2011 Scholarships

2010-2011 Scholarships

2010-2011 Undergraduate Admission Scholarships

Özyeğin University awards tuition waivers to eligible newly admitted/placed undergraduate students. Tuition waivers awarded at the time of enrollment are called “Admission Scholarships”.

Full Scholarship :Full tuition waivers 
75% Scholarship : 75% tuition waiver
50% Scholarship : 50% tuition waiver
25% Scholarship : 25% tuition waiver

 Each enrolled student is issued with a netbook.

Scholarship Ugrades And Additional Scholarship Opportunities

For Top Ranking Students Placed to the OzU Undergraduate Programs by OSYM in the relevant LYS score type with “Full Scholarship”

  • For the top 5.000, a monthly cash stipend of 500 TL
  • For students ranked between 5.001 and 10.000, a monthly cash stipend of 300 TL

Monthly cash stipends are awarded for a period of 10 months between the month of September and June.

For Those Holding International Degrees  (IB, Abitur etc)  TUBİTAK Degrees (*)
Tuition waivers of students placed to OzU with 50% scholarship by listing OzU among their top six choices  and fulfilling the one of the following requirements are increased to 75%.

  • Those holding an IB diploma with a diploma score of 32 or better
  • Those holding an ABITUR diploma with a diploma score of  2.3 or better
  • Those holding a MATURA diploma with a diploma score of 2.0 or better
  • Those holding a MATURITA diploma with a diploma score of 80 or better
  • Those holding a FRENCH BACCALAUREATE diploma with a diploma score of at least 14 (In case of diplomas issued by high schools in Turkey, a diploma score of at least 70, provided that the diploma is equivalent with French Baccalaureate),
  • Those who completed at least 3 courses with at least a Grade 4 within the scope of AP Programs
  • Those who received a ranking in national or international science olympiads organized by TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and/or in science project competitions while studying at high school.

Admission Scholarship Term And Continuity

    • Scholarships are non-refundable and, irrelevant of academic standing, are valid for six academic years for those who attend the English Language Preparatory Program prior to their undergraduate program; and for five years for those who directly start their undergraduate programs. 


  • Cash stipends continue as long as students achieve a cumulative and a semester GPA of at least 2.50 over 4.00 at the end of each semester provided that they attend the classes and are not subject to any disciplinary action.  Scholarships are applicable for the Fall and Spring semesters.