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2022-2023 Scholarships

2022-2023 Scholarships

Özyeğin University may award tuition waivers to newly-admitted undergraduate students in the 2022-2023 academic year. Tuition waivers awarded at the time of enrollment are called “Admission Scholarships/Discounts”. In addition to admission scholarships/discounts, Özyeğin University also awards additional scholarships/discounts to eligible students who fulfill the requirements below. 

Should students be eligible for multiple additional tuition waivers, they are awarded each additional scholarship for which they meet the requirements.

Admission Scholarships

Our undergraduate admission scholarships and their contents are as follows: 

Admission Scholarship
Full Scholarship
Full tuition waiver
50% Tuition Discount
50% of tuition is waived

Tuition Discounts for FIBA/OzU Employees

Full-time employees of FIBA Group and Özyeğin University, and their children who are placed in or admitted to the undergraduate programs of Özyeğin University in the 2022-2023 academic year are awarded 25 percent FIBA/OzU tuition discounts.  The tuition discount continues over the terms of scholarship below as long as the employee is a full-time employee at Özyeğin University or FIBA Group. Students must prove their eligibility for tuition discounts at the beginning of each semester by providing the necessary documentation issued by their employers.  Eligible applicants must submit a petition and the original copy of the proof of employment at OzU or FIBA to the Student Services Directorate  (student.services@ozu.edu.tr) in order to apply for the OzU & FIBA tuition discounts. 

Family Discount

Family Discount is applicable to first-degree relatives who concurrently pursue their undergraduate studies at Özyeğin University (i.e. two siblings, parent-child). The discount is awarded to each of the relatives. Eligible applicants must submit a petition, and the original copy of their civil registry extract to the Student Services Directorate (student.services@ozu.edu.tr) in order to apply for Family Discounts until the end of add-drop periods. Discounts are applied as follows:

  • In the case of siblings, Family Discount is applicable only to those born to the same parents or those legally adopted.
  • Recipients of tuition discounts offered to Özyeğin University and FİBA Group employees and their children are not eligible for the family discount.
  • Family discount is applied as an additional 5% discount on the student’ payable semester tuition, after all other tuition waivers, if any, are applied.
  • The tuition discount will be effective over the term of scholarship below as long as family members concurrently pursue their undergraduate studies. 

Terms and Continuity of Scholarships and Tuition Discounts

Admission scholarships (tuition waivers/discounts), other scholarships (tuition waivers, cash stipends, dining/housing/transportation support) and discounts are non-refundable, and are awarded for a maximum of six academic years; to be distributed for a maximum of two years in the English Language Preparatory Program and a maximum of five years in undergraduate level. Transferred semesters, if any, are deducted from the total term of scholarship for undergraduate programs. Additional scholarships (cash stipends, dining/housing/transportation support) are awarded for 9 months per year.

Admission scholarships and additional tuition waivers/discounts cover fall and spring semesters as well as summer sessions over the term of scholarship. Admission scholarships and other tuition waivers/discounts are not merit-based (excluding the support scholarship) and continue to be awarded regardless of academic standing. However, in order to retain their additional scholarships (cash stipends, dining/housing/transportation support) and the Support Scholarship, students must achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 out of 4.00 at the end of each academic year. Failure to do so will result in the loss of additional scholarships or the support scholarship in the subsequent semester(s). However, additional scholarships and the support scholarship may be reinstated if students succeed in meeting the requirements again. Additional scholarships are awarded to the students who duly renew their registrations and regularly attend their courses. Taking a leave of absence or receiving the status of “external preparatory students for TRACE” will result in the suspension of scholarship during the semesters in which the scholarship recipient no longer attends the University. The scholarship of these students will be reinstated once they renew their registration and resume their studies at the University.

Students will lose all of their their scholarships/tuition discounts/additional scholarships if they fail to renew their registration and/or interrupt their undergraduate studies without the approval of the University, or if they renew their registration but fail to attend classes, and/or if they exceed their maximum period of time allowed to maintain their scholarships. Should students be subject to any disciplinary action, all of their scholarships/tuition discounts/additional scholarships can be terminated as per “the Principles for the Impact of Disciplinary Actions on Scholarships and Student Privileges”, which are determined by the Senate.
Students who fail to complete the English Preparatory Program by the end of their second academic year lose their previously granted scholarships/tuition waivers, and their enrollment at the University is terminated. Students who exercise their right to sit the TRACE examinations as per Article 44 of Law No:2547 and prove their English proficiency may matriculate to their undergraduate programs. These students are required to pay the current year’s tuition set for students who were admitted in the same year with them, provided that they never received the status of unregistered student during their period of study at the University. The tuition waivers awarded to such students at their first admission to the University (admission scholarships) are reinstated, excluding cash stipends, dining, and housing/ transportation support, if any. On the other hand, among students who exercised their right to sit the TRACE examination and matriculated to their undergraduate programs, those who previously received the status of unregistered student during the periods they previously studied at the University must pay the tuition fee applicable to newly admitted students with no scholarship.