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2008-2009 Scholarships

2008-2009 Scholarships

2008-2009 Undergraduate Admission Scholarships

Özyeğin University awards tuition waivers to eligible newly admitted/placed undergraduate students. Tuition waivers awarded at the time of enrollment are called “Admission Scholarships”.

Honor Scholarship :Full tuition waiver and a monthly cash stipend of 350 TL as transportation and housing support for 10 months (between September and June)
Academic Merit Scholarship  : 75% tuition waiver 
Support Scholarship  : 50% tuition waiver

Each enrolled student is issued with a laptop computer.


Scholarship Ugrades And Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Students admitted to OzU by listing OzU among their top six choices are awarded the following scholarship opportunities:

For Those Holding International Degrees  (IB, Abitur etc)  TUBİTAK Degrees (*) 

  • Tuition waivers of students admitted with Academic Merit Scholarships are increased to Honor Scholarships.
  •  Tuition waivers of students admitted with Support Scholarships are increased to Academic Merit Scholarships.

(*) For Those Holding International Degrees  (IB, Abitur etc)  TUBİTAK Degrees 

  • Those holding an IB diploma with a diploma score of 32 or better
  • Those holding an ABITUR diploma with a diploma score of  2.3 or better
  • Those who received a ranking in national or international science olympiads organized by TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and/or in science project competitions while studying at high school.

Admission Scholarship Term And Continuity

Scholarships are non-refundable and, irrelevant of academic standing, are valid for the student’s period of study. Scholarships are applicable for the Fall and Spring semesters.