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Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships

The scope, amount and eligibility requirements of scholarships are revised each academic year by the Board of Trustees.

Scholarships can be revised or revoked upon on the resolution of the relevant executive board based on students’ academic and professional performance at the end of each month, each semester or each academic year.

Tuition Waivers

Students admitted to the OzU Graduate Programs are awarded with tuition fee waivers ranging from 10% to 100% subject to the recommendation of the relevant Graduate School Executive Board and the approval of Rector. Scholarships can be revised or cancelled at the end of each month, semester or academic year based on recipients’ overall academic achievements as well as particular performance in the Academic Practice (AP XXX) course pursuant to the resolution of the relevant Graduate School Executive Board.

Furthermore (exc. EMBA), 

  • 25% tuition fee discount can be made for the tenured undergraduate faculty members of other universities, Istanbul Bar Association lawyers and interns, judges and prosecutors from the students who are accepted to the Law graduate program.
  • Students who graduate from each undergraduate program of Özyeğin University's faculties and schools in the top three are awarded 25% additional scholarship.
  • Undergraduate students graduating from Özyeğin University receive a 25% tuition fee discount.
  • At Özyeğin University, academic staff are exempt from tuition fees.

Part-Time Academic Work

Turkish students are also awarded with monthly net cash stipends of 12 months in return of active participation in academic work on a part-time basis as per Article 46 of Law No:2547. The continuance of cash stipends is subject to satisfactory fulfilment of assigned roles and responsibilities, good academic standing, and a passing grade in the Academic Practice (AP XXX) course.

Faculty Trainee Scholarships

In addition to the Part-Time Academic Study Payment, our students who qualify for academician training scholarships receive scholarships in cash determined by the relevant Institute Executive Board and approved by the Rector during their education and / or have the right to stay in the University dormitory free of charge according to their preference. The continuation of this scholarship depends on general academic achievement and a passing grade in Academic Practice (AP XXX) course.